6 Methods For Making Cookies? (Easiest Way to Make Them)

There are many ways to make cookies and have them still be so good. Here are six different methods for making cookies.

The 6 methods for making cookies once you finish making the dough are drop cookies, pan banging, molded cookies, Cut out cookies, icebox cookies and chilled cookies. Here is a breakdown of each method. 

Drop Cookies is when you scoop the cookie dough with a cookie scoop and then drop it on the cookie sheet. Alternatively, you could always use a spoon and then roll it in a ball to get your desired cookies once baked.

Pan banging is scooping the dough, putting it on a sheet pan, and letting it bake for the desired time. As soon as you take it out while it’s hot you would bang the pan a few times and that’s what will make it flat, thin and gooey. 

Molded cookies is using a molded utensil of any kind and you would put the dough within that specific mold to create the design that you’re looking for. For example, you may get a heart mold and put the dough in the heart mold and it will create heart-shaped cookies.

Cut-out cookies is done by rolling out your cookie dough flat. Making sure that it is thin. and then you would grab a cookie cutter of your choice and simply press into the dough to create the specific shape.

Icebox cookies is rolling the cookie dough in a log shape at about 1 ½ thick in width. Then it is put into a freezer to chill for over 8 hours. Then each piece is cut at about ½ inch thick and then put in the oven to bake. 

Chilled cookies is another way once the dough is made then It is put in the refrigerator for about an hour before putting it in the oven to bake. Even better if you keep it longer in the refrigerator. It allows the cookie to spread slower and be softer in the middle and crispier on the outside. Not chilling the cookie usually causes the cookie to spread faster and which may cause the texture to be ideal. 

Making the best cookies requires knowing the best way to make them as well as mistakes that you need to avoid. There will be more tips shared to ensure that you get the best gooey texture cookies ever!.

What Are Common Mistakes People Make When Baking Cookies? 

Measuring by volume instead of weight. Most recipes nowadays are usually in cups. The problem with measuring by cups is usually it’s not as accurate and it could cause you to go over the specific amount that you need by %20 to 30%. Using a scale is crucial because it allows you to get the exact amount that you actually need to make the best cookies.

Swapping ingredients guilty! A lot of us like to use what’s available in the kitchen. Usually, when a recipe is set in a specific way there’s a reason, it’s perfectly calculated. When you swap out certain ingredients for another one because you didn’t have them, it causes the recipe to not come out the way you thought it would and it could change the outcome of your baked cookie. 

Not knowing your oven. Just because a recipe for baking cookies calls for a certain temperature and time doesn’t mean that it’s set in stone. All ovens differ in time. A lot of it is being alert and adjusting the time accordingly. The best way to know if your cookies are baking correctly is basically observing to see if it is Ready. Just trusting the temperature isn’t enough.

Not giving your cookies enough space on the sheet. If the recipe calls for 24 cookies and you only have room for 12 cookies this is not the opportunity to try to scrunch all the cookies together so you can get all the cookies to bake at once. When you don’t give your cookies enough space on the pan it doesn’t allow the cookies to properly bake and spread as they naturally should. Which may result in a cookie not baking properly or the texture being sacrificed. Space out the cookies properly so each cookie gets a chance to bake properly.

What Are The Most Commonly Used Methods Of Making Cookies?

The creaming method is the most common method used for making cookies. It’s what allows the cookies to be gooey and soft giving the texture most people love. This is done by using fats at room temperature, using butter, eggs, and sugar to emulsify to give the dough its creamy texture.

In order to create the creaming method you need to use a mixing blender if doing it in a larger quantity. But you can still achieve this method by doing it by hand. The goal is to get a wet sand (Fluffy) texture.

The creaming method is the foundation for most baked goods- like cakes, and cookies for a more softer and flexible texture. 

To achieve the creaming method the first thing that you need to do is add butter and sugar and start mixing it till you see that it starts to get fluffy. Once it starts to develop its texture then you add one egg at a time and that would be the start of getting the creamy texture. Once the method is achieved then you would add the dry ingredients you need for your cookies. 

What Is The Simplest Mixing Method Of Cookies?

Stirring is the easiest, and safest. A spoon can be used to mix. This is best done when it’s done in smaller quantities. A lot of stirring will be required so you can get the desired cookie dough texture. It’s important the ingredients mix well throughout to ensure the cookies bake consistently. 

For some, it is quite common to use a mixer as you can get to your desired texture for your cookie dough faster and you are able to mix bigger quantities if needed to make sure it is mixed thoroughly. 

Sometimes the cookie dough can be hard to mix, using a very sturdy utensil like a wooden spoon or spatula will make life easier when it gets down to mixing the dough. Keep in mind you may need to alternate hands as your hands will surely get tired as you’re doing the work instead of a mixer. 

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