Almost homeless and abandoned to creating a 7 figure business without any experience.

I was almost going homeless to crying while heading to work feeling like purpose didn’t want to be any part of my life. I dreaded waking up. I lived in an apartment where the ceiling was almost falling but it was all I can afford. 

Heading to work and made the most of it.

Now when I look back I realize these hard moments allowed me to see my true potential. It allowed me to see the girl who felt hopeless and was capable of growing a 7 figure business to then start this blog to share my passion for desserts with many of you now reading who’s wanting to learn the whys and hows of baking. 

Life isn’t over when life seems like it’s the worst ever. 

  1. Was deep in debt, had no hope and felt like nothing was possible working a dead-end job. 
  2. Couldn’t even afford a car that was cheap. I didn’t have it. Believe me, I felt less than a human at this point. 
  3. Lost my job and it was a trigger. 
 I tried multiple types of businesses but kept on trying. This was from my fashion design days.

I dreaded going to work; it felt like everyone was against me. I was so unhappy. But there was always an inch of me that knew there was something better. 

My paycheque wasn’t growing but the call from banks wanting their money was endless. It stressed me out and I felt so stuck it felt like it wasn’t going to end. 

Life would have it that as I was starting to get serious about trying to figure out a schedule that I can do to get me out of my job, they let me go. 

They put me in a taxi, and I remember that feeling of feeling abandoned and not enough, and I just cried in the taxi. 

It just took one phone call from a friend and that changed everything. 

She reminded me that I always wanted to do business on my own. And this was the time. This was the time to open that door that has been closed for a long time and go for it. 

Instantly, my depression went away, and all that feeling of feeling like a loser was no longer there, and there was a new motivation. 

I spent a lot of time reading different books and just going to the library and making up lines and eventually, I saw a post on Facebook and that changed my life forever. 

I used my last savings and bought coaching to learn about how to start an online e-commerce store. 

And I was scared, but I had a choice. I can stay safe and not move forward with it and stay in the same spot and get a new job again and feel just so sad again or try something new and see what happens. 

It turns out that as soon as I started the first week I made my first sale ever. And right away at that moment, my mind kept on going. 

This is the day that it happened!

I started working out how many products I needed to sell to make a certain amount of money and it was so motivating. Within a year I made my first $250,000. And within 4 years, I made my first seven figures. 

Learning is one of my biggest passions and I love trying new things and baking is something that has always been around me since I was young.

I grew up watching my grandfather who is basically like my dad and I would watch him be bread and make black cake , if you don’t know what that is, it’s basically a Caribbean cake that is usually made during Christmas and it’s so delicious but of course, you could make it and eat it any time of the year. Duh. 😉

So now I’m on a journey to answer the questions that every baker has when starting to bake whether that’s baking a cake or baking cookies. 

My goal is to make baking so easy that it becomes a part of your life. My plan for this blog is to build it into a community where we can bake together. 

Send you exclusive recipes through email that is our little secret. 

So look out for that. 

I plan to learn the things for you, so you don’t have to do the same mistakes with baking. All you need to do is just take the knowledge that I am learning and avoid all the mistakes that come along with baking. 

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 I believe you will enjoy them especially if you’re new to baking and you’re like me and loves to read about information about something that you’re about to start 😉. 

In the meantime, if you are looking for exclusive recipes, and by the way, recipes won’t be shared on the blog. 😊 

Click here to get first dibs on recipes that will exclusively be sent and have the chance to make them together it’ll be fun!