Can I Use Icing Sugar To Bake Cake?

There was a lot of research done around seeing if people are actually willing to use ice sugar to bake cake. It was very interesting to find the answer and learn more about if you can really use icing sugar in cakes.

Can I Use Icing Sugar To Bake Cake?

It is not common to use icing sugar to bake a cake for the main reason that it doesn’t have the same properties as granulated sugar. Though you can choose to use icing sugar to replace sugar, you’ll notice that the cake batter will look very similar to a regular cake batter but once baked the texture will be different along with the taste. 

Depending on the type of icing sugar used there’s a possibility it can start tasting very much like corn syrup and not like a normal cake that you would usually expect.

Using icing sugar is not a direct substitute for sugar in a cake as it doesn’t have the same properties. For example, if you were looking to use the creaming method you wouldn’t be able to do it because only Regular sugar can turn into a creamy consistency that is very fluffy and airy.

If you’re looking to substitute sugar in a recipe you’re better off using brown sugar, honey, maple syrup, Stevia, or even cane sugar as the properties would be very similar in your cake and wouldn’t change your cake too much. You will also find that your cake may come out dry as using sugar helps retain moisture and is what creates a structure in the cake. 

As a side note, the only cake that seems to have done really well with icing sugar is if you are making a pound cake. 

Icing sugar may not be the best to use in cake but it does have other properties that can be very beneficial to baking and making other things. We will also be touching on wax paper as something that you can use when baking a cake as well as how long it is recommended to bake a cake.

You can read more about what other things affect a cake when baking here.

What Is In Icing Sugar?

Icing sugar has anti-clumping properties that causes it not to clump and has some type of starch whether that’s potato or cornstarch. Icing sugar is also known as powdered sugar or confectioner sugar. Icing sugar is best used in icing so making buttercream icing very popular to make.

Icing sugar can also be used for creating glaze or fondant for cakes. It is also great as a thickener agent especially if it has cornstarch in it. It could also be used for making shortbread cookies or any type of cookies where you need to dust the cookies for presentation.

What Is The Best Sugar Substitute For Baking Cakes?

The best sugar substitute for baking your cake Is Swerve and is known to be the closest to granulated sugar and works well in cakes in terms of taste but there are other options that you can use but may cause the cake to differ when it comes down to taste and structure.

It is important to find specific recipes that are using the specific sugar substitute chosen so you can assure you have a cake that is closest to a normal cake. Sugar is known to be one of the ingredients that i creates texture, and moisture in a cake and is a very important ingredient that will help a cake rise and have the many properties that we are used to that helps a cake be successful. 

Sugar Substitute Products 
Details- What It’s Known For
Swerve Closest to the taste of the granulated sugar 
Monk fruitIf you’re using monk fruit you need to use a recipe developed specifically for it because it doesn’t have the same properties that a regular granulated sugar has. There have been reports of Monk Fruit not doing well with some people.
Use real fruits like mashed banana, dates, or applesauceMay be best for cookie bars. Dates also tend to be used in a lot of vegan desserts as a natural alternative to sugar. 
Coconut sugar It is known to be digested very slowly and it’s a very good alternative to sugar if you don’t want to have the effects of eating a cake with sugar with the usual amount.
Stevia You may need to keep some of the sugar in the recipe to retain some of the moisture as you will risk having a dry cake.
Allulose This substitute is known to be not as sweet as regular sugar. You may have to add more with the cake not being as sweet as you would usually like it or used to.

Can You Bake With Wax Paper?

You can indeed bake with wax paper as it is food graded and safe for food. Wax paper can be used in the oven but only at a certain temperature, you run the risk of the wax paper burning. There is a high possibility that it will stick to whatever you bake but is known to be more economical and cheaper to use than parchment paper. 

Wax paper is more known to be used for wrapping and storing food items after baking something. My own experience of using wax paper when I baked with it, it has stuck to the item that I was baking. So if you’re going to use it for a cake you would have to make sure that it has nonstick properties and it’s made for just that. 

How Long Does It Take To Bake a Cake?

The length of time that a cake should bake will highly depend on the size of your cake as well as your oven and the type of cake that you’re baking. On average your cake can take anywhere from 20 to 55 minutes but it is suggested that you keep a close eye on your cake as every oven heats differently. 

You can set your cake for let’s say 20 minutes and keep on checking the cake with a tooth pic or some type of utensil to see if it’s fully baked and keep on adding extra time in small increments (5 minutes more or less )  until the cake is fully baked.

Recipes give the amount of time that is recommended for the cake until finished. But a rule of thumb is to not follow the time given to a tee and monitor the cake yourself. Your cake may be done sooner than is recommended as the person who created the recipe may have a oven that may take longer and vice versa.

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