Can You Bake Cookies In An Air Fryer

Air fryers have become so popular because it’s so easy to throw things in there and have it heated up or baked in seconds. Baking cookies in the oven have been such a popular thing to do. We’re going to find out below if you can actually bake cookies in the air fryer. What you find out might change your life.

It is possible to make your cookies in the air fryer. The main thing that you have to focus on is knowing the temperature to set your air fryer to ensure the cookies don’t overcook and be ready to have a small number of cookies.

If you want more cookies you would need to air fry them in multiple batches which may take a little bit longer. A few things you want to have when baking your cookies are a scoop it’s just easier to equally place the cookie dough in the air fryer and have them perfectly spaced out. 

Have foil handy a lot of people tend to try to use the parchment paper with the holes in them but foil will do just fine just be sure to make a handle so it’s easy to take out of the air fryer.

If you’re following a recipe just remember that every air fryer is different when it comes to temperature and how hot it gets. It’s better and safer to start at a lower temperature and give your air fryer less time to do its thing than to jump very high, then have crispier cookies that aren’t ideal for you. 

It’s best to start low in temperature and increase depending on how well the cookies are baking in the air fryer. 

The rules still apply with having the butter and eggs at room temperature to have the best cookies possible.

Check out this post about why your butter needs to be at room temperature and what can happen when you use cold butter in your recipe.

Now that you found out that you can literally whip up some cookie dough and throw it in the air fryer to have the best cookies ever we’re going to talk about how to air fry your cookies in the air fryer and best practices.

Do You Use A Cookie Sheet With An Air Fryer?

In summary, it is perfectly fine to use a cookie sheet in your air fryer. Using parchment paper makes things very easy when it comes to cleaning the air fryer as well as not allowing anything to stick.

Do keep in mind that it is not required to use a cookie sheet just using the tray that comes with an air fryer is just fine. It really comes down to the preference of the person. Personally, when I’m baking in general I love using parchment paper I believe it’s the best thing I discovered when it comes to baking because I don’t have to clean as much. But it’s okay to keep baking or air frying completely simple and not use anything.

It has been reported that using parchment paper with holes tends to make the cookie dough mushy. So that would be something for you to test and see how it works for you.

You do have to be cautious not to allow the parchment paper to burn as it can catch on fire. Ask me how I know. I had parchment paper very close to the oven element and it’s very easy to burn and the same thing can happen in the air fryer so you do have to keep that in mind when using parchment paper in the air fryer.

Is It Better To Bake Or Air Fry Cookies?

Deciding to bake or air fry your cookies will depend on the circumstances and what you need it for. If you need big batches of cookies and you want it to be done in a shorter time it is suggested to use a oven. If you’re looking for just a few cookies just to curb your cravings or you just want to restrict the amount you make then the air fryer would do well.

Air fryers are usually smaller and easier to use but it doesn’t handle bigger batches well if that’s something that you need and you’re needing a bunch of cookies for a big group. It’s more for individuals or a small group.

Let’s be real most people can’t just eat one cookie there is an option to do multiple rounds of air frying the cookies but it will take longer.

People using the oven is very inconvenient especially if they live in a very hot climate so turning on the oven will just heat up the whole house. For some, it can cost a lot in utility fees especially if you’re just baking for a few pieces of cookies, it may not be worth it. So for some using an air fryer is way more convenient and probably saves a lot more on utility costs and doesn’t heat up the house as much.

Is It Better To Bake Cookies Frozen Or Thawed In Air Fryer

Using thawed-out cookie dough in the air fryer usually air fries just fine and comes out very chewy and gooey as if you baked it in the oven. Putting Frozen cookie dough in the air fryer just means that it will take longer and compared to the usual 6 minutes you would need to have fully baked cookies you might have to keep the cookies up to 17 minutes (It will vary).

If you have never air-fried frozen cookie dough before it may be a good idea to test out to figure out the perfect temperature to have the perfect cookies at. As air frying thawed-out cookie dough will be a shorter time than frozen cookie dough. 

Also, the size of the cookies will also affect the time and when it’s done. It is recommended to have them flat, rolling in a log and then cutting them into pieces will help the process so that they’re already flat rather than having them in balls.

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