Make A Box Cake Taste Like a Bakery Cake: Get Super Moist Cake

In this article, you’ll learn how to make a box cake taste better and almost like it came from the bakery. No one will know that you used cake mix to bake your cake!

How Do You Make A Box Cake Taste Like A Bakery Cake?

To make a box cake taste like a bakery cake you can do a few things. Replace the oil with butter that’s equivalent and that would make it super moist.  Add an extra egg so usually it will require three eggs you can add four eggs instead this adds more structure to the cake.

Adding butter instead of oil increases the taste. Butter will always taste better than oil and have way more flavor. Which means a better cake. Another thing that can be done is replacing the water with milk making it super moist. Adding milk also adds more fat and helps the cake become more rich. 

The milk also helps the cake be less crumbly and more sturdy. Be sure to mix all your wet ingredients properly before adding it to your dry cake mix it makes all the difference. The better the mix the fluffier and softer the cake.

You’re going to get ideas on ways you can enhance your box cake and make it even better whether that’s using a different type of ingredient to get a certain result or getting a unique flavor. You’ll also understand why many are using the popular hack of adding the pudding instant powder and why. 

How Do You Make A Super Moist Cake From A Box?

To make a super moist cake from a box try modifying your ingredients by trying these things. Use other dairy items such as sour cream or buttermilk which would help with making a cake moister and it also changes the texture for the better. Use milk instead of water to help the cake become rich.  Separate the eggs from the mix and whip each egg until it’s fluffy to get a super light cake. 

Another method you could use to make the cake super moist is using mayonnaise instead of oil. Mayonnaise is considered a fat and is made up of egg and oil which helps with the texture of the cake and improve its moistness. Give it a try and the best part is the flavor doesn’t overpower the cake.

Adding Unique Flavors To The Box Mix Cake

You can also get creative by adding unique flavors to your cake to get a certain type of flavor. For example, adding a citrus flavor. This is done by adding lemon zest to your mix or even juicing lemon and drizzling it over the cake once baked. Vanilla extract can be used to enhance your vanilla cake as well.

If you want to add a fruit flavor you can use freezer-dried fruit and blend it into a powder consistency. Then whisk it into the dry mix before adding it to your wet ingredients. This can also be added to your frosting.

If using a chocolate cake mix you can enhance a flavor by adding espresso powder to your cake mix. 

What Order Do You Mix Cake Ingredients?

The order you choose to mix the cake ingredients will highly depend on the type of cake that you are making. If you’re doing the creaming method, it requires you to start by combining sugar and a fat (butter) And mixing till creamed. This would help with creating air bubbles in the batter which would later help the cake to rise.

If you were doing the reverse creaming method it would consist of you mixing the flour with a fat. Then mixing the wet ingredients once the flour and the fat is creamed together. Doing it this way would get you a very light and fluffy cake. Lighter than the creaming method.

I created an article talking about the different methods you can use when making a cake and you could check it out here to get more details.

The main thing you want to look out for is making sure that you have a fat whether that’s butter, milk, or oil. You want to make sure that one of those ingredients are in the recipe, that’s what will help the cake to be moist, tender, and create a texture.

The order of the way you mix a cake really depends on the method you’re using and the goal of the type of cake you’re trying to achieve once baked.

What Does Adding Pudding To Cake Mix Do?

Adding pudding to a cake mix does the following things, it makes the cake very moist, fluffy and full of flavor. Adding pudding acts as a fat component in the recipe of the cake box mix because of the cornstarch ingredients within the pudding. It also creates and changes the texture for the batter.

When you add putting to the cake mix it absorbs the moisture because of the cornstarch. What this means is it will hold the moisture and prevent the cake from being dry once it’s in the oven. One thing to note is because the pudding is flavored the cornstarch that’s added tastes really good. If you were to just add cornstarch in your cake recipe it would alter the taste and doesn’t taste that good.

Also the modified cornstarch that’s in the pudding mix acts better with water and retains the fat really well in cake better than if you would have just used the fats alone without the pudding. It’s what prevents the cake from becoming stale after a few days. You’ll notice with this type of cake it will stay moist for quite a bit of time compared to bread. Bread will eventually become stale after a while and is no longer soft. But not this box cake. 

How To Make A Cake Fluffier Out Of Box Mix?

Beating the eggs prior to adding it to the cake box mix would help the cake become fluffier. Mixing the egg until it is fluffy, creamy and let’s just say well whisked will be a requirement. Also instead of using water using cream cheese or sour cream will contribute to helping a cake will yield the desired result you’re looking for.

The key in making a very fluffy cake is you cannot be afraid to mix the cake batter and whip it longer than usual. The Box actually says 2 minutes. But whipping it even longer making sure it’s creamy as possible will be the key to making this a very fluffy cake. And the good thing about the content of the box cake is you won’t over-mix it because of it specific mixtures.

Check out the article where I talk more about over-mixing, what causes it and how to avoid it.

The more air you create in your cake mix batter will result in a fluffier cake and lighter cake. Using an electric mixer will help you very much. You’ll be left with a moist and very fluffy cake.

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